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         YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS                   

Laugh out loud
You're the main attraction
A glance, a sigh, may get multiple reactions
Am I still the one who pretends to know you
You string me along for the ride
You can't be serious
You're messing up my mind
I try to get things straight
But in the end I find
You got into my heart
Then cut my soul in two
Is that the price I pay
To be in love with you?
Save the la-dee-dah excuses
Hold the long good-byes
I won't grow from your abuses
Long as I'm a puppet of your eyes
There's no point in a confrontation
I've learned by now
I don't need the aggravations
Of a heart gone soft
And a brain grown tired
Somehow I will take it in stride
You can't be serious
You're playing games to win
The way you call the shots
Has put me in a spin
Follow your look sometimes
You're like in outer space
But damn we're going good
Once we start mashing face
We've carressed a new dimension
When we're making love
Spare some crumbs of your attention
Where am I when push comes down to shove?
You can't be serious
You make my mind a mess
You fill my life with anything but happiness
Am I a victim of what I may feel inside
A second of your touch
Is worth more than
All my pride