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        WILL IT BE OVER      
I can see it in glimmer
Of your "I'm so sorry" eyes
When there's nothing left to say
And that final flicker dies
As we melt into the darkness
Where there's nothing left to shout
We lose touch of our emotion
And the tears have no more clout
We have given up on love and faintly cry:
Will it be over?
It's like slipping over backwards
Down a too familiar hole
To an inside-out dimension
Where you try to lose control
Like a suffocating turtle
With a broken shell
We go scraping off our knuckles
On the open gates of hell
You have given up on staying sane and scream:
Will it be over?
Will it be over
Was there ever such a place as love and fear
What do we stand for
What can we know
Will it be over
Am I ever going to feel the same inside
Are we for real
Why did we change
There's a far away existence
Where the lonely God's collide
Where they talk about their mortals
With the noble dreams that died
And they watch their human clones
Betray the last eternal game
Scratching frantically repenting
Through the jaws of endless flame
They have lost their pet creation and they sigh
Will it be over?