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                       WHY SHOULD I CARE?      

Now and then
We long to touch
The borders of our skies
Take the time to stop and watch
Our world stumble by

History bound in a rubber band
Every black and white page
Lets us know where we stand
Politics, porno flicks, paper dolls
Watch us scribble our minds
On the porcelain walls

Why should I care
I'm just along for the ride
Taking me where
All our evasions collide

Audio box tells us what to think
From the clothes that we wear
To the beer that we drink
Join the parade living day to day
Stepping over the edge
In a practical way
Now my dreams have hit the fan
I knew what I would find
Jokes made of the very plans
Now swallowed in the grind

Slap on the back
Show a steady grip
While the words dribble out
From your crumbling lips
You never know what the smiles mean
'Til the ivory shields
Come apart with a scream

Why should I care
Now that there's nothing to lose
Do all you dare
When there's no pressure to choose

Lock me away
Where I can't go wrong
Where the refugees of our illusions belong
Laugh and you laugh
What can you say
When the men in white coats
Come to take you away

Why should I care
Now that it's out of my hands
Fly through the air
Hoping I never land

Why should I care?