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Paint, all the colors of the rainbow
All the joy that we could ever know
Comes alive when we're together

Love, can both tie you down and set you free
Fills your heart to overflowing
If it could only last forever

I don't want to be told
What I should do
I just want to make love to you tonight
And let the world go by without us

Forget what others say
About how we should be
You only need to stay
Close to me tonight
What more is there to know about us

Smile, can you find your heart or is it lost
We gave it all that we could ever give
Beyond the bounds of hesitation
Dream, if only years ago our paths had crossed
Back in a simple time when we could live
Before so many complications

No point in hanging on
To things that matter not
I'll hold you tight
You are all I've got tonight                 
You're in my heart so don't you break it        

To talk of right and wrong
Is only wasting time
As long as you're along
It's going to be all right
Somehow I think were gonna make it