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WE SONS OF CONFRONTATION                                           
We sons of confrontation 
Protectors of a model nation
And I know that I
Will fight to live in freedom
We offer our protection 
To help out in the right direction
Because an ally
Is right there when you need him  

We had our revolution
Two hundred years ago
Our social devolution's
Been far from slow

We made revenge atomic
And domination economic
Building up on everyone to borrow 
Our infantile assuptions
Promote our zeal for mass consumption
And I know that we are
The nation of tomorrow
We made the deserts bloom
And send robots into space
We are the shining hope
Of the human race

We've made the right connections
To help a popular election
When the choices could be going sour
This planet must respect us
Who has the muscle to correct us?
And I know that
We have got the power

We march off into glory
To keep the world free
Then die
A front page story
For all to see