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You watch the night come out around you 
Show what you've got
You're the one to meet
Waiting in the street  

And soon the proper eyes
Have found you
Ready or not
Whisper in his ear
What he wants to hear

And everyone's a stranger
Waiting through the night
Maybe you'll succeed
If you never bleed

Your heart is on the ceiling
Floating out of sight
Watching it you fear
You may disappear

You know the many ways to pleasure
Others achieve
Take a look at you
Too good to be true

When you can pull it all together
Someday you'll leave
All the streets behind
For some peace of mind

The night goes on forever
Taking you along
Following you know
That there's nowhere else to go

And all around the world
We play a game of right and wrong
Lost in our routine
Selling out our dreams