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                   THOSE WHO LOVE             
Those who love
Have a reason to be happy
They deserve what they know they desire
Those who love
Live in fear of their rejection
Long to love like a runaway fire
Those who love
Have their hearts on a platter
Serving pieces of fantasy pie
They bounce back
Like it just didn't matter
Viewing love
With their hearts
In their eyes
Those who love
Have a reason to be lonely
Breath the air of a faraway place
Paint a charming and liberated package
Drain the joy from a pleasure weary face
Those who love
Have a getaway reaction
Seeking refuge in calculating minds
Happy slaves to their total satisfaction
Bang their eyes 'til their search
Drives them blind
Those who love
Have a reason to be sorry
Cry alone on a shadowy night
It's like life in a colorated movie
When the actors are running out of light
Those who love
Throw their hearts to the heavens
Fall back down at the speed of a sigh
Dressed in blue
Passion sworn kamikaze
Die again
They don't care
To know why