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That's the way we tried it
To take a chance and  ride it
Back when life was
One day at a time
Turn the page and wonder
What is this cloud  we're under
Fruits of love now
Withered on the vine

That's the way
We looked into the sky
Every day was filled with hope
And good intention
How a promise turns into a lie
Much more than
To keep the peace
We'd care to mention

What we had expected
To always stay connected
Having faith
To somehow find the force
Once the doubt had tainted
The future we both painted
Letting go
And let things run their course
Who's to say
What keeps it all alive
Is there such a world
As never ending?
Take the plunge
Or did we take a dive
Once we saw
That was no use
To keep pretending

That's the way we played it
To think we could  have made it
Losing ground
Is what delusion buys
That's the way we planned it
Don't try to understand it
That's the way love dies