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Nobody stops
When the sky trembles
The tops of the buildings
Are hiding the sun
As the daily procession proceeds
With the neon, aluminum, cardboard words
Eyes that scour the pavement
And the vagabond smiles
Have nowhere to run

I'm still here
Doesn't anybody hear me?
Every street has a reason
For branching out
From the walls of assurance
To the pillars of doubt

Nobody stays when the fire's over
The spectacle lingers as long as the flame
As the soot blackened circus moves on
And the uninsured heroes
Save all they can
Toss their clocks out the window
End as dark faceless shells
Gripping onto their names

I'm still here
Doesn't anybody here me?
Every flame stretching outward
Must come from base
To reveal to it's donor
A consuming embrace

Nobody comes to the stone garden
Except to abandon
What's already lost
Or to talk to a pile of bones
To make up for whatever was left unsaid
With a bouquet of flowers
Whose petals eventually
Fall off and rot

I'm still here
Doesn't anybody hear me?
Every stone in the world
Is just as alive
As our hearts
Well protected
Staying cold to survive