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           Naked with a Stranger    

You light your cigarette
In a dark, silent room
Now we can both forget
The emotion we try to assume
We've quenched thatlonely yearning
That ached in our hearts
Scrutinize the ceiling
As the paranoia starts

Naked with a stranger
Here for you to touch
Trying not to wonder why
We don't feel very much
I could say "I love you"
If that's what you want to hear
In my heart is there a place
Where I could disappear?
Where did we go
Did we escape together?
Put on a show
Maybe we'll both believe
Having a need
Having the time to linger
Losing our underwear
Losing our need to make
Any awkward excuses...

Love was a candy store
In the glow of our youth
Now it's a subtle war
Too much fun to be
Bored with the truth
As I am holding you
In the crush of the night
Close your eyes and dream
Of how it ever could be right
Naked with a stranger
Here to keep you warm
I may hardly know you
But I need you in my arms
I could tell you anything
To show you how I feel
Trying to convince myself
That none of this is real
In our hearts
In our minds
In our dreams
We are all naked
And strangers to ourselves