IF IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE                       
You smile politely
Then you gently close the door
I wonder why I bought that fancy dinner for
You say you're always glad
To have me as a friend
I say that's fine with me
But it's hard to pretend
If it's not meant to be
Then tear the heart right out of me
There'll be nothing more to feel
No nothing I can see
I could look in your eyes
But that would only tantalize
I fell under a spell
And it won't set me free
I will never know the joy
To hold you in the night
Feel you warm, your skin, your hair
Before the morning light
Try and try again
I try to build on fantasy
But it's true, me and you
We were just was not meant to be
Love is a funny word
That hits you in the chest
Hunger for what you know
You never will possess
I made myself believe
That you and me were fate
Wanting you so bad
Makes it so I can't think straight
If it's not meant to be
Then tear the heart right out of me
Diagnose an overdose of pure reality
Put my hope on the shelf
And learn to keep it to myself
Stay cold to keep a hold on my humility
You won't know our fairy tale
That could have been, but died
I will never show the way
I'm breaking up inside
Try to piece together
My emotional debris
Crash and burn when I learn
That it was just not meant to be

If it's not meant to be