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Talk, who ever stops to listen?
Stop, where do you want to go?
Find, whatever you've been missin'
If,  you really want to know

In places, who'd imagine
From faces standing by
You'll never know their story
If you stop asking why
Accept whatever you 've been told
Continue, happy to grow old
The end will take you by surprise
If you choose not to use your eyes

Live,  building a new tomorrow
Die, one day your time will come
Give, all that your soul can borrow
Try, each time you've just begun

Between the shadow and the light
I taste the flavors of the night
Walking the wire of right and wrong
It's the survival of the strong
Who is your fearless leader?
What do you feel inside?
Have you a dream to feed or
Just living for the ride?

You've got to listen to your heart
To find the place where you can start
And once you see where that can go
Is when you really start to grow

Come towards a new beginning
A more enlightened age
Where both sides keep on winning
We all can turn the page

The evolution never ends
The crowd is full of future friends
All that you wanted to be true
It all begins and ends with you