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                   Lonely Jokers  

We mowed you
We cut you down to size
We showed you
Who not to criticize
We fleeced you, of any purity
Policed you, for your security

We are the lonely jokers in power
We pick our nose
You read it on the front page
Our lives are planned for us by the hour
We call the shots
But still we live in a cage

We fed you
Our overconfidence
We bled you
All for your own defence
We bored you
With all our dreams and hopes
Ignored you
While you were on the ropes

We are the lonely jokers in power
We speak our minds
And watch the masses obey
We plan we search and then we devour
We always have the right excuses to say

We told you
The way you'd rather think
We sold you
On what to eat and drink
We made you a solid citizen
Betrayed you, then won your trust again

We are the lonely jokers in power
We ride the wave
That sweeps us over the top
A naked man alone in a tower
We've climbed too hard to have
The power to stop

Lonely, lonely jokers