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                   LOVE SLAVE                   

Be my love slave woman
Let me dominate your heart
I'll blow your mind with my lovin'
While I take your fears apart
You don't need the choices
Of so called liberated minds
All those whining voices
Yearn for what they'll never find
I need you here
I give you my protection
Our hearts will grow
Both in the same direction
You'll find me near
To love and to command you
Maybe someday I'll learn to understand you
Be my love slave woman
I will simplify your life
Clean the house, have my babies
You'll be one contented wife
We'll build a dream
Our children will inherit
We'll make a stand
And both be there to share it
If it may seem
I try too hard to sell you
Give me your hand
You know I need to tell you
I'm your love slave woman
Like a lovesick little boy
Will your heart be open
Or am I just another toy
Without your love
My wheels are only spinning
I live a game
But have no hope of winning
I walk alone
An empty world surrounds me
That's how it was
Until the day you found me
Be my love slave woman
I'm your love slave woman
Happy love slaves, love slaves, love slave