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                   LOVE CAN KILL                 

Sleep in my arms
Dream of happy times, hold them near
Keep you from harm
You're my baby for life
Soon you'll grow up and drift away
Find a life of your own
There's so much that I long to say
How too quickly you've grown

Love can kill in so many ways
Leaves you clinging to the fragments of your yesterdays
I have loved you more than I could ever show
No, there never was an easy way of letting go

Squeezing your hand
Hands that showed me a gentle way
You'd understand 
I see me in your eyes
As your twilight comes resting down
Where eternity starts
Though you're body be in the ground
You're alive in my heart  

Love can kill in so many ways
Tumble softly through the embers of our yesterdays
I will share with you my triumphs and my tears
Because I believe that you will be forever near

Kiss me good-bye
Find your happiness, find your way
Nothing but cry
Now no longer in love
How the smile that made me strong
Cuts me back to the bone
How could tenderness go so wrong
Why are we so alone

Love can kill in so many ways
Sobbing silent in the shadows of our yesterdays
Gather up the pieces of our bleeding hearts
If we never ached, we'd never know
Where living starts