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Get ahead, you claw your way right up the ladder
Fall behind if you are standing still
Take the time to comprehend what really matters
With no love, your life's a bitter pill
Love can fill your heart
When it feels empty
Love can heal
In ways you'll never know
And when you feel
Like you have lost direction
Let the love shine through
And you'll know where to go

Hate is blind, it pulls you in with ways of weakness
Love is strength that guides you through the night
Hate is greed that never stops to keep on taking
Love is peace that keeps your spirit light

Love can sooth the hurt
That keeps you longing         
Love can smooth the edges that are rough
And when the world
Seems overcome with madness
Let the love flow free
You'll never get enough

Love can bridge the distance come between us
Love can span the time that we're apart
And when  you feel so
Far away and lonely
You can let love in
I'll be there in your heart