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How long do we need to go on like strangers
Live that magic moment that never ends
What's the point of dwelling upon the dangers
Once we know we both were meant to be friends

        You smile, my heart is racing, I don't know what to do
        And I can't help but facing that I am into you

Life blows by so little time for reflection
Run so hard we lose track of where it goes
Talk and talk but rarely a true connection
Lose our intuition as logic grows

        The more I try to reach you, the less I'm getting through
        I've done much more than meet you, I'm getting into you

Love too hard, your heart may begin to tighten
Up or down it's you that will make the choice
Let go then your world begins to lighten
Close your eyes and follow your inner voice
        We'd be so good together        
        Each day could be like new
        If one day you would ever        
        Just let me into you