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Back when we had it all, hearts big beyond dimension
We knew that we were two of a kind
Fly high before the fall, we had no comprehension
How could we see that someday we'd find

        That dreams they may come and go, then fade like a fallen star
        Wherever the winds of change may blow, you're here in my heart
        With time we will come to know, more things as they truly are        
        But one thing will always stay the same, you're here in my heart

Drums of forgotten days, long past but maybe still your
Thoughts do they wander when you're alone?
Yearn for forbidden ways, off cast yet still familiar
Would it be different if we had known?

        That under the icy moon that gleams like a silver eye
        Reached out to the corners of the night, you're here in my heart
        I stand on the mountain top that calls to an open sky
        From there to the bottom of the seas you're here in my heart