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I hear your laughter echo in the empty wind
Calling out the better times then fading to an ember
Here ever after looking at what could have been
I stand at the top of the stairs
Forgetting to remember
         And why we had it once then let it die
        We dreamed of our place in the sun
        But never really made it
        We tried to make a dream yet lived a lie
        Hung on just as long as we could
        To visions we created

I feel your whisper hiding near an empty bed
In places only we could know
When all we knew was tender
Moments of bliss confiding what we should have said
I'll take it one day at a time
Forgetting to remember

        I die to think of how I let you go
        It may have made sense at the time
        Before we could surrender
         I fly to places I may never know
        That live at the edge of my mind
        Forgetting to remember