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One day you're riding high and then it all comes down
The ways of love will build you up to tumble to the ground
Please take me as I am, some things we never change
The wheels of fate will turn in ways we cannot rearrange
        So how am I to turn back past the point of no return
        We've both been down this road before, yet never seem to learn
        All upside down and over searching for a reason why
        We lose ourselves together when we fall into the sky

I knew how this would end, yet didn't want to know
So now that it has all gone down what have we left to show
You've got another life that has no place for me
As finally we're both moving on I hope that I can see
        That life winds down to twists and turns the way it ought to be
        You  roll the dice then pay the price for longing to be free
        So what is left for me to do but curl up and die
        A dried up drifting tumbleweed that falls into the sky