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                     CREATURE OF THE HEART   
Love, and hope and joy
And all the happy words that we once believed
Were merely spoken
Right, and wrong and fair
And all the silly rules that we judge things by
Have now been broken
         And I don't care anymore
         There is no reason to pretend
         We've cut right down to the core
         Was this the way that we would end?
         Do I really need to let you go
         I never tried to play it smart
         And by now it's plain you finally know
         I am a creature of the heart
                   Don't look back
                   There is nothing we can say
                   Make it easy
                   We can only walk away
You will find another man
I hope he fills the places I left behind
In all your wonder
Glorify your laughing tears
And any special words for the epitaph
I'm living under
         I can still feel the touch of your hand
         I lost my freedom in your eyes
         Did I even need to understand
         You had to take me down to size
         And I won't dream anymore
         All that I touch has come apart
         So if it's love that we are living for
         Then I'm a creature of the heart