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I could say that I never loved you
How did we ever put our lives on hold and
We have given this our final try
It's too late to even wonder why
We burning down the bridges, darkening our souls
Cutting back our losses, staying in control
There's no turning back, as if we could
Letting go will somehow do us good
I remember when I would hold you
All I know is we felt so right together
In the wisdom of our blind romance
Did we think we'd ever stand a chance
And now we're burning down the bridges to a better life
How did we two strangers, start as man and wife
Now that we have finally grown apart
Do not listen to our bleeding hearts
What will we tell our happy babies
Why their Daddy must leave and go away and
They don't understand, they stood and cried
Are they also feeling dead inside
Will they be burning down the bridges
We go on burning down the bridges
Burning down the bridges