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All the noise in the street All the lights of the city
Never skipping a beat in a cocktail committee
Play it over the top just as long as they're looking
Give it all that you've got but a well balanced thought
        I'm dreaming out loud It's taking its toll
        I'm lost in the crowd that's eating my soul
At the top of the heap You'll be there if you hurry
Get it down in your sleep And you won't have to worry
Am I in this alone? Are we coming or going?
And with all we may own Will we ever be home
        I'm over my head, it's out of my hands
        Way up in the air, with nowhere to land        
        I'm reaching for love that's out of my reach
        It's somewhere above what no one can teach        
There's a voice in your heart that eventually goes missing
Walk alone in the dark, yet remember to listen
Is it falling in place or just falling to pieces
Do we still even know
Where we wanted to go
        I'm folding my wings and ending my flight
        By trading the things That gave me the right
        I'm over the edge and ready to scream
        Yet cling to a pledge to follow my dream