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Take the time to know your heart makes a difference that may show
After all a bumpy start can be just the way it goes

        And I know, what it feels like from the inside
        What you show, can be a different you        

Guessing where the chips may fall is a talent we could use
Take a chance to have it all when there's nothing left to lose

        And I know, that it's never really over
        Where it goes, would you ever stay?

When you're eyes are full stars you, overlook the doubt
Keep things just the way they are and then never work it out

        And I know what it tastes like to be broken
        Who we are, is a big thing too

Walk in someone else's shoes, things may never look the same
We can't always pick and choose how we're pulled into the game

        Who can say, what it looks like from the outside
        Come the day, it all comes back to you