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All right

The die is cast, we go our seperate ways
How could it last beyond a passing phase
Pick up the pieces that could  have never fit into place
Passion releases what we may not admit to make it
All right, all right, I'll find a place in the sun where I'll be
All right, all right, and starting over
Whatever's meant to be is how is all goes down
And I'll be all right, all right for now

All in good time, alone I face the night
Without a sign, out of mind, out of sight
What lasts forever, the world goes by so fast but I'll
Never say never, who knows what next will pass to make it
All right, all right, ask how I am and I'll tell you that I'm
All right, all right the moon is rising
And if we meet again I'll wear a happy face and show I'm
All right, all right for now...