11 April 2008
Dear Lorne,

Here is a copy of a letter to David Bowie:
Thank-you for finding the time to read this. While anyone may fantasize as to what it would be like to be you, how many may actually come anywhere near imagining how things really are? When my mother was a psychiatric nurse, I once mentioned the need to spend more time on my music, which always seems to be getting pushed to the back burner. She pointed out that the majority of her young male patients all thought they were rock stars. My reply was that you had to be a bit out there, to want to go there, which got me wondering, where does it all begin, and how crazy can it get? Of course, it's all relative, in fact, my hope would be that you may have much better balance than most, in order to survive.

We are each presented with certain circumstances at certain times. Finding the opportunity then pursuing it can define who we are, yet getting it all together is more often like chasing a carrot. Over thirty years ago, I was on Saturday Night Live, runner-up in the Anyone Can Host contest. Last September I started writing letters to Lorne Michaels, making a case for how I could be of use to him. The letters are later posted to my website,
dwdiamond.com, which primarily was intended to showcase my songs, but lately these letters have taken priority. By the time you read this, I will have finished the initial phase. While the stated objective is up to Lorne, the actual purpose has been to jumpstart productivity and share it. Being part of such a team positioned to wield the torch of satire would open doors, taking collaborative options to a higher plane.

You are the artist I am most often compared to. People seem to need a kind of reference point, like trying to put a rainbow into black and white terms. Who, if anyone, were you compared to? Once you've seen a song through to the final mix, are there some that hit a sweeter spot than others? Two songs on my site, due to their topical nature, need to be re-cut as soon as possible. Lonely Jokers is about politicians and the election process. I sense a dance beat with a rotating surround pan. We Sons of Confrontation refers to the fight for freedom. Hopefully what was produced within a limited envelope can serve as enough of a sketch to get a feel for the desired end product. There are many more that have come alive inside of me, yet remain stillborn to the world at large. If there is one thing that needs to be done, it would be to find a way so that as many as possible could see the light of day and have a chance to be heard. Any orphan in my incubator you may want to adopt, except for one, may gladly be entrusted to you. The song matters far more than whoever hits the jackpot with it. For now, you have the means to better run with it, plus it would be interesting to see what sort of  unique edge you might come up with. So much of hit making is hit and miss. 

With your upcoming tour, there must be a great choice of artists to open for you. While they may have built their own following, will you need any help selling tickets? Any label willing to take a chance on me could stand to see a mammoth return on a minimal investment. There are unique elements I can draw from to put together a set that would properly prime the punters for your apparition. This should not present any conflict with Lorne, in fact, he would no doubt appreciate the option of having an in-house back-up musical guest once the tour ends.  
In any case, hope you have an enjoyable tour and above all stay in good health to keep rocking for years to come. From one songwriter/performer to another, like a bird in a tree proclaiming the new day, we have a need to share the fruit of our creative euphoria in order to live our dream.

...they can laugh for now, I'm a dreaming kind of guy...