27 September 2007
Dear Lorne,

However great the experience as Anyone Can Host contest runner up may have been, in some ways merely writing these letters has started to crack the barrier impeding artistic fulfillment. You are probably quite occupied getting the new season started off on the rot foot. Maybe these go straight into the paper shredder before you even know it, but that would not detract from the fun I am having writing them.

While some may question the practicality of race cars or space probes, it is not so much about the stated objective, yet more the learning process involved in meeting the challenge. Many peacetime comforts have been conceived from wartime necessity, some of our best work done with our backs to the wall. The key to getting ahead is to make the best out of the worst situation.

This project is a catalyst regardless of whatever choice you make, or not. It has helped give me the kick in the butt I've needed to get things done. The web sight software I got for free when signing up with the server had shortcomings that cost me much productivity, so I rebuilt with a new program, no more excuses. Imagining how to do a certain piece has resulted in software research and downloads. With access to greater resources, I could have the script and story board together with production taking but a few hours. But the learning curve required having to do it all myself makes completion a bit more daunting prospect. Such a baptism of fire is invaluable when later delegating to specialists better able to handle technical details. Having been there, done that, the task description is based on experience. 
Does there come a point in life when a light comes on? Things become clear, not that it wasn't already painfully obvious before, but chunks and pieces floating around at random. Then it all seems to consolidate. Like links in a chain, focused, one at a time, yet connected. As if life up until now had been spent in a tunnel and as you get closer to the light at the end, the brightness takes over. 

Different people react to this in different ways, how about you? Perhaps this is what we see just before death, a reward for solving the puzzle of life. Hopefully it will be the start of new chapter.

Happy trails,