24 March 2008
Dear Lorne,

Getting back in the groove after running every day for eleven years, then having to stop due to medication induced fatigue, is easier said than done. The key is to keep going. Through a series of mental walls, seeming more physical at the time. The body wants to slack off, but the struggle is on to get to that next level. It may kill me, but it feels like coming back to life.

In attempting to see things from the host's perspective, one of the main appeals would be the chance to express certain facets of their personality, especially which may differ with the pubic's impression. How do you go about getting inside their head, closer to the inner core, to find the best possible staring point? What sort of advance research may be done in order to hit the ground ruining? How much does the first meeting set the tone for the week? What sort of change can there be between then and the dress rehearsal? Are you ever tempted to put your foot down, yet hesitate due to what may be stepped in? How variable is it between the host who wants to build everything and one just along for the ride? To what degree do you maintain balance?

Does there ever seem to be a tendency to stick with the familiar, stay within a safety zone at the expense of attempting to scale the steep and slippery learning curve of trial and error, much more the ladder? Could we tweak the format? Is patience more of a blessing or a curse? Have I waited too long? Now with the pump primed and a pace set, which letter will finally tip the scales?
By this time hopefully you will have been able to at least start digging your way out of whatever mess may have been building up over the past few months. Sorry for having added to it, but so far you have only had a few crumbs. Why not go for a piece of the cake?

If you are still reading these letters, there must still be something in you that wants more than to just show up, a fire that wants to stick a leg through the screen and kick the viewer in the head. Let's silence the critics, or give them something to really whine about. Elections come and go, politicians screw up, each event serving as potential to catapult ratings depending on how good  we can make the rest of it, so as to retain the viewer who may have tuned in for a certain topic.
You know better than anyone, how each show is a new challenge, yet in every challenge, opportunity awaits.

Knock, knock,