Dear Lorne,

Here is a copy of a letter to Bill Gates:

No combination of words could ever express the gratitude and hope you have inspired by choosing a path to maximize your resources to make the world better. Inpatient optimists set goals only reachable in a perfect world, yet such ideals are the beacon that light the way. We were kids in the same part of town at the same time, our paths may have crossed. When you were discovering your first computer, I was up at Meany honing my inner city survival skills which included hiding lunch money in my shoe. Did you ever swim at the Arboretum or go to a Be-In at Volunteer Park?

Each society has the capacity to control their destiny for better or worse, yet the more altruistic souls tend to be the first who are imprisoned or exterminated when ruthlessness reaps its reward. Mao said that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. Consolidation is assured by silencing dissent to manipulate communication in order to control public perception.  Like trying fill a leaky bucket, no matter how abundantly good intention may flow, what percentage of funds intended to benefit the impoverished end up in the pockets of those who are not only the main part of the problem, but also a roadblock to the solution? The key to solving a puzzle is to have all the pieces in place. Curing the world's woes originates in a plane of thought where by giving, bounty multiplies, as opposed to take whatever can be taken so that nothing can build. Politicians may say what sounds good for the moment, then fail to act accordingly unless compelled to. Outlining fundamental principles; then applying them in every possible sphere of influence is the first step to shaping a better tomorrow.

Once the good partner government has stated their will to cooperate, offer an administrative overhaul which implements a transparent system that leaves no room for abuse and clarifies that consequences will far outweigh any possible gain. Loopholes in the international banking system which allow overseas shelter for a country's revenue need to be closed. Any country providing haven for ill gotten gain should be seen as an accomplice to the injustice these funds could redress, which should then be seized by a global authority and redistributed for the common good. News is someone's interpretation of the facts, often skewed to suit an opinion. Freedom originates from the opportunity to weigh a diversity of viewpoints. Any obstruction to independent expression converts what should be a means of enlightenment into a tool of repression. Beaming the internet to every corner of the planet with ongoing support to circumvent governmental interference would make anyone with a computer a reporter and strip away the cloak of censorship that often veils atrocity. Wouldn't this help complete Licklider's vision of an electronic commons open to all?

While certain red flags may be obvious to whoever bothers to look, those in a position to make a difference are unlikely to do so since they are usually part of it. While you can afford to keep selective company, surrounded by higher intellect, the average person is fed a steady diet of mental garbage. Mobilizing public indignation can turn the tide to favor a wave of real change. Since September, I've been writing to Lorne Micheals at Saturday Night Live as a follow up to appearing on the show over thirty years ago as runner up in the Anyone Can Host contest. This could lead to the ability to influence popular opinion on a grand scale. Each letter is later posted to my sight, dwdiamond.com, where you could gain better insight as to how we are both trying to slay the same dragon. Let's go beyond preaching to the choir and take our message into the mainstream.  
Governments that embrace the freedom charter can benefit from accelerated support to become a showcase of prosperity, active partners setting an example to inspire the rest of the world. There is a variety of countries in varying stages of development whose leaders would have the vision to comprehend the richness beyond their own personal material gain by becoming a prototype for a more comprehensive approach to social evolution, a model for generations to come.
I happen to be in Seattle for a brief visit, but by the time this letter or email through your foundation gets through to you, I will probably be gone again, yet still on the same planet, at least in physical terms.
Thanks again for everything,