16 March 2008
Dear Lorne,

While the girls were happy to see me, this did not apply to the entire household. The one who compelled my relocation also most wanted me to go away. That summer he had bought my daughter a bicycle in an effort to buy her affections. The bike was eventually stolen, but either way the goodwill it was hoped to instill never took hold. She had told him at one point that the only reason he fathered their brother was so he would be able to live in their house, (that had been purchased many years earlier and to this day is still work in progress). I told her that while it is good to speak your mind, if someone is bigger than you, think of the consequences. 

After visiting with my children upstairs, I was greeted on my way out by the man of the house  brandishing a steak knife and ordering me to leave. While not that concerned for my own safety,  I later called the police, fearing the worst, given the funky juju in evidence under the roof where my kids slept, yet there was only so much I could do, it was not my house. When the police came, things must have calmed down enough so that my ex was willing to let things slide.

The next morning, in front of the school, he was with her intending to go up the street to withdraw the money from her account to pay him back for the bicycle. When I asked if she really needed to do so, he went bonkers and came at me. Have you ever wrestled? Stronger foes had rung my bell in the past, so it didn't take much to get him down on the ground hoping for him to chill out. For an instant, I wanted to keep bashing his head into the pavement. He was a threat and nuisance to my children. How far would you go to protect your family?

There were a few more skirmishes on the way to get the money. I could have hurt him if I had been so inclined. He said he would bang his head against a wall, then tell the police I hit him, so that I would not be able to get a work visa and possibly be deported. I suggested that he jump in front of a train or off a tall building, then say that I pushed him. Once he had the cash, he split, only to show up on the doorstep that evening, threatening to overdose on his medication if my ex didn't let him back in the house. As he feigned moribundity, I was able get the pills away without him noticing, although letting him follow through may have seemed preferable earlier in the day.  
Welcome to paradise,