2 March 2008
Dear Lorne,

While watching last night's show in a communal area, someone made that same old comment about how the show is not what it once was, etc. While such comparisons may be pointless, what is actually being compared? The players, the sketches, same formula? I try to stay awake to see the credits, which sometimes run to the end, but last night they were cut off abruptly.  Is this decided on a national or local level?

While bragging before of a backlog, now more and more seems less usable. Letters following a time line dictate a linear approach, a chronological backbone, branching off in tangents. Mini deadlines prompted by injecting more immediately relevant topics constantly slip into the mix. Bringing you up to the here and now before the end of the season may require augmenting the frequency.
The last press release, letter 74,  went to 36 states and 18 countries. Each contact requires visiting the papers' sight to get a mailing address and contact name, in most cases someone in the entertainment sector,  or who has made a provocative comment. When possible, I read their bio and try to visualize who they are as a person, hoping the effort may be reciprocated. The scope could be expanded even further, but it's already sucked up enough time. The whole project has. Some may think it's a colossal waste of time, yet it has changed my priorities towards a more productive result, at the cost of becoming less sociable.

Your letter to the Beatles has been part of the inspiration. Today the same sort of proposition, given the institution you have established over the years, would have greater credibility, but a lesser laugh. A friend in Japan, the only person I know who is reading each letter, wondered why my personal email is used on the web sight for contact. Adding a dedicated email to the sight has not been much of a priority, since virtually nobody goes there, so far. Like pristine wilderness, uncharted to all but a select few, the ideas conveyed by my letters or lyrics have yet to go mainstream and may never will, but what if they did?

The buzz matrix is taking form, ready for you to flip the switch. Is the pallette of mind sets at your disposal so varied, that if another color were to come along, you would not have the time to consider its inclusion? Next Sunday I plan to go to Japan, but could come to New York if you wanted me to help add a spark for that fourth consecutive weak. Fatigue delirium could yield intriguing results, either way, I will be with you in spirit.

Buckle up for safety,