1 March 2008
Dear Lorne,

Here are a couple emails I recently sent you:
Thu, 21 Feb 2008 12:31:29 -0800 (PST) 
What's up with this quote?
"I was in a cage for three of the four months," Michaels said, "then I sort of calmed down."
Did you bite somebody? Who put you in the cage? How did you get out? Did anyone come visit you? Did you learn any tricks? Glad that things are getting back to normal. Now that you are out, do you ever feel like going back in? Will there be something on your sight about Lorne in his cage? Are your shots up to date? People will think twice before they mess with you....
Please let me know if I can help,

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 21:31:42 -0800 (PST)
This Saturday I will be in New York. If invited, I would be more than happy to come into the city and check things out, staying out of the way, only speaking when asked to. This could be quite helpful towards giving you a better feel how I could be of use to you. Although I could call your office, I don't want to put anyone on the spot. Who knows when or if this email will get through to you. I've bothered you guys enough as it is without pestering you with phone calls. Its your call, when you are ready. No matter how much it's killing me inside, I must be patient.
Good luck getting things rolling. Hope to hear from you soon,

Sorry about the first one. What a difference one typo can make, never mind. Back in my 5th  letter I asked if the email Lorne option was a joke. Does anyone ever look in that mailbox and maybe bring you a summary with the ones that may be of interest to you? Starting with this one, as each new letter is mailed, I will also email a copy and wonder which way will get read first, if at all. If I had been invited down there today, I would have had bruises from constantly pinching myself. Either way, I'll get over it, or at least channel the angst of feeling left out in a constructive way. I've waited over thirty years, what's another few weeks? Tomorrow I leave the country again, yet wherever I may be, I feel like I am so there. Am I nuts? That's a relative term. Sure, you'll do just fine without me, but think of how fun it could be. Why do those who can take more chances have more fear of losing than lust for winning?

We call the shots, but still, we live in cage...*

*Quotes in green can be found elsewhere on the sight...