29 February 2008
Dear Lorne,

Like a series of waves or cycles, life seems to come at you with varying degrees of intensity. Sifting through the countless details, most of which suck up a disproportionate amount of time and energy in light of their relevance, seems to be the key to getting anywhere. Some things can be delegated, technical and administrative, while others must be taken personally under your wing, such as when it comes to showing the world what you stand for.

If I start to imagine what it might be like to be in your shoes, my thoughts are quickly diverted by the realization that you may have lived a dream come true, though at times more of a nightmare. Like when you are up to your neck with alligators and forget to drain the swamp, reading any of these letters may not be that high on your priority list. In junior high, due to a misunderstanding, I could not be part of the orchestra for one concert. Sitting in the auditorium, fighting back tears, it tore my heart out not to be up there performing with the others. Now it's the same feeling. It may take you awhile to dig out and decide what, if anything, to do about me. Adding another gun to your arsenal could come in handy now, if you only knew what kind of damage it could do.    

My limited experience as an employer has taught that the main ingredient looked for in someone you pay to work with you is that they share your dream. Do you still have the time to dream?
Are there things you would like to accomplish, yet keep to yourself, sensing that they may never see the light of day? Would you think that great minds, as they approach their final hours, reflect more on the unfinished projects? Whatever past accomplishments pale in significance when it comes to the next one. Dreams are seeds of the greatest deeds, carried by the winds of chance, to fall on soil, fertile or barren, then reach up to scale gentle rays of hope in their quest upwards.

For each of the few that are graced with fame and fortune, who knows what potential remains squandered, having never found its path. When I cross that threshold from being a nobody to a somebody, it will not just be part of my dream, yet shared with others, as dreams should be.
Until then, I can dream out loud all I want, can you?

Dream on,