27 February 2008
Dear Lorne,

While getting paid to be in Florida, Jamaica and Hawaii, a constant source of amusement was to look at the weather report back in London. Even more gentle than the comfortable temperature, was the laid back lifestyle. On some islands there was a high turnover of restaurant managers. When the surf is up, the dishwasher may not show up for work. There was ongoing speculation as to how someone accustomed to such a rhythm would cope with London's frenetic pace.
Maybe like falling out of a tree, onto an escalator.

Having a 50p coin handy to insert in the electric meter when it runs out, leaving you in the dark, is essential to residing in a bedsit, the cheapest way to have a roof to sleep under without having to share, except for the toilet facilities. With a view of the train tracks, imagination was free to stretch out, unencumbered, within a vacuum of solitude.
How much do surroundings determine our state of mind? Or are people more drawn to the places that best fit their priorities, such as material gain or serenity. Mongolians are nomads by tradition, moving periodically to greener pastures on the open range where horses, while looked after, still roam freely. As more and more move to the city for an easier life, although less rigorous, it lacks in fulfillment. In our evolution from tribal groups to the modern metropolis, was something lost along the way? Do you ever feel like there are some wonderful ideas floating around in your creative pool, just below the surface, yet elusive due to the agitation of the daily grind?  Intuition trampled by a spectrum of distraction. The allure of the urban magnet may benefit some, but like the science experiment where many rats are put in a confined space, they start biting each other. The concentration of stimulus inherent in city living often results in a thicker shell being formed around some of the more gentle hearts. We tend to remain strangers.

Imprisonment is not so much the walls surrounding you, but the mind set that has encroached upon our psyche, scrambling our senses in the name of progress. Control is what discerns the powerful from the powerless. Technology can supplant the logistical need to concentrate a high percentage of the populace together in such close proximity. Landlords benefit, but when the average person cannot afford to own a home close to where they work, a choice has been made.
Greater profit for a few, or better quality of life for all? Let's bring good things to life...

There's a voice in your heart, that eventually goes missing
Walk alone in dark, just remember to listen