21 February 2008
Dear Lorne,

With the show is finally able to come back in fool force while it's still primate season, wouldn't it be great to come out with new guns ablaze? Talk of the dispiriting frustration of sitting on the sidelines underscores my feelings for the last three decades. I've seen some cracks, but have yet to crack the scene. Which is worse, mildly irritating or irritatingly mild?
Isn't it more fun to whip a live horse which is able to kick back? Then the next volley could be in relation to the counterattack. By the time this gets to the mail room, I will be back in New York, but by the time you read this, I may be gone again. Wherever I may be, I can be there within a day or so. Your objective of four consecutive shows will be a great way to put your talent to the test. There is much more staff than before. Pushing the limits will help the cream rise to the top.
While the recent labor discord has been a general downer, have the unpaid wages resulted in a more flexible budget to help make up for lost time? The sooner you could get me on board, the sooner our energy could be in stink. Even if we don't hit the bulls eye, we can still blow chunks off the target. I can keep my mouth shut and stay out of the way. If asked, I could outline possible approaches without divulging specific concept or content. If it sounds substantial enough, we can go from there. If nothing rocks, no talk. There are already some angles ready to roll, but even the most daring driver will test the track before going full throttle.

While it's great to get people talking, it can be even better to get some to shut up. You needn't feel like there's an emergency in order to break open the glass case I'm in. Getting in tune with the resources you have would have a higher likelihood of enhancing rather than detracting from productivity. Feeling pushed into a frontal approach could be a signal for tactical revision.

Scrambling hard over high heat, makes you nimble on your feet.

Rise and shine,