16 February 2008
Dear Lorne,

Have you ever run a long distance race? Regardless of the mental and physical preparation, once the starting gun fires, there you are in the midst of a human stampede, adrenalin rushing through your brain while the body asks 'what are we doing here?' Some runners make the mistake of starting too fast, so when the final sprint comes, their tank is running on empty. By staying loose early and finding a comfortable rhythm, gradually gaining speed, picking off the others as they fade, you can hit the homestretch with momentum and fly past the finish line.

As this project approaches the upper end of the pyramid, it feels like I try to keep raising the bar.
The flow of letters has continued as promised, resulting in a backlog you may be confronted with upon your return to live production. So much for the gradual dosage. The goal thirty years ago was to send a certain number of postcards in hope that at least one may somehow strike a chord. Whether it was this or if quantity had any bearing, the logic was like where many keys are made, but only one will start the new car. While both efforts share a common approach, this time a culminative entity has evolved requiring attention beyond each individual letter.

Sometimes when up on a high horse, it becomes too easy to lose touch with the ground. Some letters started months ago, now after a certain ripening time, while reflecting the feeling at that time, may now be an awkward fit. Sometimes it's less about what you can do, yet more how you go about it. Everything written so far, rather than give you an idea what sort of sketches I may come up with, better yet may reveal a weapon of mess distraction. Think of each one as a signpost, a random set of clues, fluid indication in a yet to be determined direction.

History is laden with irony, lessons in hypocrisy we could better heed to create a better future. The road that meanders lends more time for reflection. Laughter opens a window to the heart.
There is no limit to the destinations our minds can wander to. So many roads leading so many ways. Is it finally time for our paths to cross again?                        

Welcome back,