10 February 2008

Dear Lorne,

Any moron can write a bunch of letters, I should know, but neither one of us has time to waste. The time you have invested reading my letters will come back to you many fold once you get me on board. While I could outline certain scenarios, where my value will be proven is beyond anything I could list in advance. What is your gut feeling telling you?

In first grade, the day I took my teddy bear to school for show and tell, in the middle of class, Mother Superior came in carrying the dreaded rubber hose. She ordered me up to the front, glared at me with eyes so dark they were blacker than the habit she wore, whacked the bear out of my and proceeded to spank me in front of everyone. I must have done something wrong, but at the time, nobody had bothered to explain, I just knew I was in trouble, again.

Turns out that while going out to recess, I had bumped in to another kid, who fell and cut his head on the door handle. but I must have just kept going since I didn't recall a thing. For all I know it could have been someone else's doing, but there I was, getting whomped on by the head Sister Fury of Jehovah with a thick shank of rubber hose for the whole world to see. Why me?  

For the last thirty years I've been wondering, why me? How did the decision come down that made me one of the five finalists? Maybe finally knowing whatever details there may or may not be would burst my bubble, but then I would probably just blow a new one.

Often it just works out that things go down the way they do. Some may say that everything happens for a reason, when it is actually up to each individual to apply whatever reasoning best suit how they choose to interpret their reality. At the end of the day, all we can really do is roll with the punches, bounce back the best we can and move forward.

Blessed are the meek,