7 February 2008
Dear Lorne,

Towards the latter part of my first summer after leaving everything behind in Seattle and starting over again in London, somehow I had scraped together enough to be able to bring my kids over from France. I had been making it over there about every month for short visits, usually taking them to the local book store where they could pick out a piece of art supply within budget.

Somebody I met once who spent most of her youth in East Germany before the wall came down, seemed annoyed at the tendency of most Westerners to feel sorry for her, like she had missed out, when in fact, she had fond memories. Somebody would have a guitar and they would sing many a song together or just hang out, more simple, less problems. With recent technological progress, have certain social skills deteriorated, like maintaining an intelligent conversation?

We saw much of London in random fashion from the top of a double decker bus since a children's  all day pass was still affordable. It was much more thrifty to go to a supermarket and buy sandwich making stuff, a large bottle of drink to share and six ice creams were there was often cheaper that one at a fancy place. We visited every floor of Hamley's, the biggest toy store in the world. They were happy to settle for a bag of marbles from the bargain basement. They were also able to come along and watch me do a singing telegram, which I did occasionally, having found a company to work with shortly after my arrival. 

We drove up to Scotland with Sharon and went camping by Loch Ness, but only found pretty stones, no monster. Upon my return from taking the kids back to France. I was looking forward to returning to work, even though there were days I didn't make a penny, yet could keep people around, chatting in order to keep bodies in the salesroom even when mine was a lost cause, since a colleague may have had a chance which would have diminished as others left. There were also commission checks to pick up. Early evening, prime time, yet the lights were not on.
In my absence, a new law was passed to make it easier for people to cancel,
so the big boss decided to cease trading.  Bye bye paychecks.

Take care,