4 February 2008
Dear Lorne,

Thank you once again for making the time to read this. Hopefully these are still entertaining enough to maintain your interest. The one page format limitation tends to keep things short and sweet.  Like a chain of gems, rich in substance, each one is intended to be food for thought.

While I try to space these letters out so you can get them one at a time. Chances are,  due to your busy schedule, when you are finally able to sit down and get caught up, these may well be read in batches. Only knowing whether the show will be live or rerun less than one week prior, and having to allow close to that for mailing time from wherever on the planet I may be, you may get stuck with a small pile of these waiting for your return. The yet to be resolved writers' strike could make for an even greater pile up. Too much dessert all at once can lead to indigestion, while sampling at your leisure better suits the discerning pallette.

Big shot status may well include your own private facilities. Would you agree that some of our more lucid moments come when we are most relaxed. Some choose to leave reading material at hand in certain locations where such reflection tends to come out with more regularity. If you were to instruct my letters to be left in such a place, that would be a great honor.
Besides, you never know when some extra paper may come in handy.

Sometimes reading simple instructions can elude mental focus. A package that says easy open, can be anything but that, with the ensuing complex. Do you ever get your brain going around so many ways that you get stumped by something really simple? But when you sift through most of the garbage we are constantly fed, it can seem like it is cool to at least act uneducated, while expressing thought of any depth is usually relegated more to a fringe audience. Whether or not the same opinion is shared, being able to exchange thought is the key to social evolution, yet who really gives it any thought? Agreement is secondary, but if thought can be provoked, somehow I will have made a difference.  

Hope we can all keep an open mind,