26 January 2008
Dear Lorne,

Anyone Can Host contest runner up made a nice addition to what sparse credits I was able to list at the few auditions attended in London. My brother in law, Sonny King, told me I had a classic voice for musicals and should go to as many auditions as possible. Without dance experience, an unknown, chances were slim. Even if I did get a break, my employment status was unclear.

In Seattle, my habitual attire was long walking shorts held up by suspenders, less constraining, more practical then a belt provided they were up over your shoulders and not hanging down. The British term is braces. For them, suspenders are the equivalent of a garter belt. My eccentricity had not crossed to that realm. Before long, I wore long trousers like everyone else, increasingly sensitive to the ongoing stream of ridicule directed my way. No doubt most of it went right over my head. Mentally, everyone else seemed to be a few steps ahead. This shortcoming was more my primary defense. It was like finishing school. Ever felt like you were a few steps behind?

Certain pubs had talent contests, mainly for singers, which seemed like a way to maybe get discovered. But after winning one heat, there was another, then another, so that even when you did get the prize money, it barely covered what you had spent on transportation and drink. When it comes to who can party, compared to the Brits, Yanks are lightweights. Which side of the pond would Canadians be closer to? They seem to be more down to earth. The scene at Laugh In must have been quite beyond explanation, like you had to be there. The late sixties in LA, writing for a ground breaking show in your twenties. How did you stay out of trouble? It seems you have been in a position to witness quite the spectrum of behavior. Advice can be given, taken or ignored. When it comes to learning the hard way, anything in particular come to mind?
By the time I was finally able to reunite with the woman I was falling in love with and had been instrumental in prompting this transition, she had had a change of heart. No particular reason, no way to explain, but she was willing to tolerate my presence until I found another place to stay. I moved into a shared house with a couple Irish girls and an Australian guy who were continually poking fun at each others' respective origins. Ever see someone from the Southern Hemisphere see snow for the first time?