21 January 2008
Dear Lorne,

While goal setting can provide that extra push needed at times to convert thought into action, it can also become a distraction in itself. Motivation can be the fuel that drives us beyond our limitations. Time taken to reflect inhibits perceived momentum, breaking your stride, slowing you down. Cling to that affirmation, the magical mantra that moves you to master the moment.

Ever felt like you were much smarter than your boss? Wonder how many geniuses will be sleeping in a cardboard box tonight? Sometimes the best sales person may not be the most intellectual. They can stay on track, remain focused on their objective with a firm grip on the ladder to success. There were some altruistic, healthy minded youth programs that Hitler was able to exploit to feed his agenda as he took power. The ideals of communism galvanized peasants to topple an empire. We are taught to focus on our goal so that it is all we can see, regardless of whether it is what we truly want or need. We can see the destination, willing to get there at any cost, yet can lose track of why we wanted to go there.

Early one Sunday evening, I did a singing telegram for some very nice people who were dressed as if they had spent the day at church. In the build up to presentating the mystery surprise gift, which was invariably a cheap trinket, insignificant compared to the copious oration bestowed in its introduction, somebody said Amen. Rolling with the opportunity to incorporate an interactive element into the performance, I slipped into a preachers' role and we were soon shouting Amen and Hallelujah. Being able to hoot and holler collectively releases something awesome.  Of the thousands of singing telegrams I did, this one stood out. Plus I got a much larger than normal tip. The rush of being so full of yourself seems contrary to balanced thought, so those making the biggest noise, may be leading others down a blinder path.                                                                                 
Greatness cannot be forced. Sometimes wanting something too much pushes it farther away.
You can only do your best, preparing yourself for the opportunity should it come your way. 
Once your spirit is centered and heart at peace, the butterfly of destiny may land on your finger.

Keep your eye on the ball,