15 January 2008
Dear Lorne,

Here is the basic letter, with applicable variation, being sent to press and media contacts:

Perhaps the only thing more annoying than getting a letter from someone you don't even know, is having to write one. Maybe one day our paths will cross, but for now, hopefully you will forgive this imposition once you learn more about what I feel must be brought to your attention.

Over four months ago, I started to send letters to Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live, a follow up to when I almost hosted the show thirty years ago. If you or an assistant could go to my sight,
dwdiamond.com, you could at least better comprehend how this project defies encapsulation.
This horn blowing has become a necessary distraction, yet adds another dimension, or dementia,  integral to the overall puzzle in which your role could be vital.

You and your readers have the opportunity to become part of history. This is not about individual gain, or how any particular nobody could become a somebody. It's more about how everybody can be expressed as part of a larger body. Previous efforts have been made to bring the media up to speed, but only via email, which may not have even gotten through the spam filters. To keep the readers' mind stimulated, I try to give each letter a different flavor. Not many have had a taste, yet it's something to chew on, if not tough for some to swallow, such as those who fear the sword of satire.

This being the 58th letter, in some ways still a warm up, you may not have the time to read each one. I'm not even sure if my mother has. How some things get into the news is not what I care to give much thought. Hopefully in spite of all the constraints you must have to deal with, is it still possible to keep an open mind? We each have our way of reaching out to humanity, at times having to resort extraordinary means to get noticed enough to rise to the next level,  individually and collectively.

In light of the recent ongoing labor complications, who knows when Lorne will get around to reading the latest letters, which must be piling up. Although his assistant did contact me a month after starting, not to make threats, but to assure me that they were getting his personal eye, he may not know that they are now being posted directly to my sight for the whole world to enjoy.

Please have a look for yourself, and if there is any way you could, please give him a heads up...

Thank you for your time,