9 January 2008
Dear Lorne,

Thank you so much for having read this far. Who knows when and where you will finally get around to seeing this. No doubt you've seen enough in your life to accept that there is still something new to see, yet when you see the pile that this will most likely be amongst,
what sort of word will be first to jump to your lips?
The origin of the word profane refers to being 'outside of the temple'. For the time being, in addition to the feeling of being on the outside looking in, the temple has been closed for awhile and will remain so until further notice, the monks are on a mission and the high priest is laying low. The decision to maintain the flow of these letters may seem senseless to some, yet to others it would be totally logical. Kind of like the frog who refuses to drown in the cream and thrashes around until it turns into butter, from day one, this project has been flying in the face of protocol. While the resulting butter may be productive, who would want to spread it on their morning toast?  If  people gave enough thought to what they said, the world could be a very quiet place.

Yesterday an old friend tracked me down to sing at the closing night of his Christmas market. Although they were just covers, the audience was quite pleased. There is talk of opening a sort of cabaret in a few months in which I could be a major part of, especially the off the cuff stage banter that can have people in stitches, either from laughter or being hit something or someone. Packaging myself as a crooner may have made a lot of money and still could, yet that would be too easy, something would be missing. When the crowd doesn't understand much English, if at all, there is an overwhelming urge to modify the standard lyrics on the fly in order to see who is actually listening to the words. Ever had to keep a straight face yet be so close to losing it?

Can animals swear? Maybe with their eyes? Like when they get dressed up in doll clothes for a holiday photo, and some wonder why they turn on their masters. What is the goofiest outfit you've ever worn, in public? Was it your idea? Were you sober? Do you remember? Ever gone after something that was such a shot in the dark, the only light was from the shots themselves?

Beam me up,