28 December 2007

Dear Lorne,

Perhaps the primary impression that has remained anchored in my mind over all these years was the feeling of how you were able to nurture creativity. Although I barely caught a glimpse, this is the sort of thing that starts from the top, like it's an extension of you. Any fame or fortune that may be gained would be mere icing on the cake, the true sustenance is what could be learned.

In Japan, near Kyushu, there are fish prized for the firmness of their flesh which results from having to swim against a strong current. Looking back on the path life has taken, then comparing with the steps needed to go in the direction preferred, so much of it has been against the ongoing headwind of everyday circumstances. While others have certainly been in such a boat, these letters could scarcely reveal the slightest clue of the circus on my plate.

It would seem like heaven to be in a place where everything is configured to optimize full scale production of the same thing I usually have to shuffle things around to maybe get a stab at. Just a small room with a place to set my laptop. A couch or recliner for catnaps could greatly enhance inspiration. When I was hanging out in one of the dressing rooms, Garrett Morris came in. Being the gentleman he was, before I could figure out what to do, he graciously withdrew. I'd like to apologize for not having the reflex to be more insistent that I take a walk and leave him some solitary time to charge his battery which he was certainly more in need of. A few years later he played the role of a marginal homeless person on Hill Street Blues, somehow adding to my guilt.

Most of January, I will be required to be in New York. Any detail of the unconventional nature of my accommodation there cannot be disclosed in such a public forum. As my story gets closer to the present, in spite of upcoming revelations, the cloak of ambiguity will remain. If this strike drags on and you happen to be in town and have a spare moment, please let me know. Hopefully you and everyone else will soon be busy again like before, in which case you might consider inviting me down to the studio for a brief visit, allowing the opportunity for anyone there I may have annoyed to pummel me mercilessly with the weapon of their choice, yourself included.

One person's hell can be another's playground,