19 December 2007
Dear Lorne,

Pretty much anything written so far that takes a step back to refer to method, like a glimpse behind the scenes, has generally been edited out since that seems to be like a sign that the subject matter is starting to thin out. Or maybe it's the feeling that shooting your mouth off can jinx creative focus. But given that the point of these letters is to give you better insight as to how I think and more specifically, how I would be able to adapt my capacities to assure bountiful contribution to the cause, then there is a time for rules to be broken. Such is the basis of innovation. This particular letter has already branched off into others and resulted in new approaches, both creative and administrative.

While some turn out to be more convoluted than others, the concept of what is trying to be said can serve as a central idea to pull things together around. Some thoughts will expand more naturally than others. There is a file mainly used as a repository of keywords, phrases, paragraphs, or out-takes that has by now become more like a swamp. Once an idea develops enough to have a name, I paste it into it's own file, which may later diverge so that I need to paste some of it back into the swamp or another new file, core or shell, like Jesus multiplying the fish and bread. What sort of swamp do you have to deal with and how do you stay on top of it?

Are you ever faced with such a plentitude of ideas that too much time can be spent sifting through which ones to develop further? It would be a treat to observe how the creative flow is channeled within your time constraints, especially how method and formula are adhered to or reinvented. There may be factors involved that can only be appreciated once in the heat of battle, but that is where the party really gets going. Perhaps I may be the lowly mortal, unfunny worm, cowering in awe of the stand up comedic Gods, scarcely worthy to tread upon the same floor. But what may be seen as a potential shortcoming, could actually turn out to be the silver lining that casts a different light.  If I were a sure bet, that would not be nearly as much fun. Yet who is?

Throw me into the fire,