17 December 2007

Dear Lorne,
Could humans learn a lot by watching the way animals interact? Could that go both ways? Are there times when you prefer the company of animals? Do you have any pets? We tend to believe that we are a species apart, yet could there be other species that may feel the same way? Could words be overrated? So often abused, a means of distancing ourselves from the essentials of the here and now. Who has the power? How did they get there and what principles are embraced to stay on top?  Which kind of animal behavior would best fit the mentality of network moguls? 

They seem to be pretty much leading the pack. Like a big dog, who roams your neighborhood, doing his business in front of your house, wherever he wants, because we let him.  We go out of our way to welcome him into our home. Without him, something seems to be missing. There is no animal control for this one. Not only is he out of control, he has taken control of our minds, our lives. The only ones who don't fear his bite are those who have nothing to lose. Those who can take a step back and observe, reading between the lines, below the surface.

When the dogs first got out, they were so cute, playful puppies, new technology, fascinating the public. They fed on their egos, grew in power and influence to redefine the bounds of arrogance. Always hungry for more, snapping at anyone who gets too close to its feeding dish by sending the lawyer dogs to snuff out any perceived threat before it can take root. These are the values thrust into the world spotlight, which corrupt other societies with the screen's siren song, numbing the sensitivities of the common person with a fantasy world to divert them from the doldrums of their everyday reality. Is it any wonder some societies have gone to the dogs, making a disproportionate contribution to our global mess?

It's a dog eat dog world. The money one society spends on pets could pay to educate another, or at least help make everyone literate. Yet funds intended to aid the masses all too often end up padding the pockets of those in influential positions who manipulate public perception and perpetuate ignorance. We could stand up to the big dogs, show them who really has the power and train them to behave. Do you know what's in your wallet?     

Bow wow, woof woof, ark arf,