9 December 2007
Dear Lorne,

Here is a copy of my letter to Nick Counter, AMPTP negotiator:

In reference to AMPTP comment on the recent breakdown in negotiations, there are some details in need of further clarification. While trying to stay away from this matter, it is too easy to be pulled back in when the attempted explanation prompts more questions than answers. My letter from over three weeks ago has still not been replied to. Being a relative nobody, I'm not holding my breath, yet why is it so hard to get a straight answer? 

When comparing the average writers salary with that of the average Angelino, does this take into account the incomes from the more affluent parts of the greater metropolitan area?  Does the calculation for the writers'reflect that nearly half of them are out of work at any given time? By even making this comparison, could it not be interpreted in other words as saying to the average person that the writers make more money than you, so why support them?

Is the $250 figure for the rights to unlimited profit for one year some kind of joke? How often do you spend more than that at your favorite restaurant? At least it seems you have kept your sense of humor. Could these rights then be sold to the highest bidder? If so, will they be on eBay?  In mention of what may be reasonable or rational, when one side abruptly walks out of a negotiation, then lays a guilt trip on the other side for the economic impact of the situation, while they are still willing to negociate, what would the average person conclude? The points that must be taken off the table before continuing, can they not be set aside while turning to other matters? Or has everything else been resolved and are these the only remaining obstacles? You are referred to as a negotiator, yet have dug yourself in to a non negotiable stance. Would this be an accurate portrayal of the mind set of those who are pulling your strings? Is your middle name Allendime?

Doubt remains you will take any of my questions seriously, but so what. I have nothing to lose, what about you? Please get back to work so that others can.

Keep the faith,