2 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

Does being Executive producer instead of producer mean that you can goof off more? Or perhaps  take credit for the bad stuff and shift blame for the good stuff? With all the pans you seem to have in the fire, I would love to see how you are able to juggle everything, once things get back to normal, which can be a highly relative term for a fortunate few.

In just a few years, my singing telegram, balloon decoration and gift delivery company had groan.
My drama queen soon to be ex wife was taking her tirades into the office while I was trying to conduct business. There was also Sofia, the abandoned Chihuahua I had rescued who turned out to be the sweetest little lapdog, slept with my children, but chose to do her business in my office, maybe it was the green shag carpet. To retain quality personnel, they need to be offered more than material things. They need to grow and will be drawn to companies that grow. Any entrepreneur dreams to evolve their enterprise to where there are resources to keep everyone happy. One performer, also a magician, had retail ambitions which at the time seemed to be a logical next step.

Spreadsheets can make you think you are a millionaire already, before the ink dries on the printout.
I was so sure of myself, I lacked objectivity. I thought I was getting good advice. But I did not know that shortly after opening my store, the six story building next door was to be demolished in order to build a twenty story condo. This started a few months before Halloween. Our main products were costumes, masks and theatrical makeup. The timing couldn't have been worse. The street was blocked off. Clouds of demolition dust at times made you cover your face. A new business cannot sue for lost potential revenue. Even if I could, I had no such resources for such a legal battle.

After that had settled down, the building owner takes back the master lease then informs me I can remain on a month to month basis. About that time, the one who had been managing the store and was instrumental in getting me into this mess, leaves to start a mail order company offering many of the same products, an idea that I had years before opening the store. During all this, I was in divorce proceedings, only able to afford an idiot for a lawyer, myself.  The house was sold with my share quickly sucked into the business.  But somehow I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, or maybe it was just tunnel vision.

Hope to see you before too long,