29 November 2007
Dear Lorne,

Ever feel like getting away from it all? I have a top floor apartment that could be at your disposal, in France where you can walk down the street without being recognized. Few here have heard of SNL or could care less. Located across from the train station, there is a panoramic view where at times you can see rain in one direction and sunlight in another. The internet service also includes worldwide long distance should you need to stay in touch with anyone.

Being Canadian, it would be a good opportunity to practice your French. In general, people will try not to laugh at your accent, at least not to your face. We needn't discuss anything pertaining to the show unless you choose to. I would consider it an great honor for you dine at my table, or partake of my single malt collection if you are so inclined. While the likelihood of you ever accepting my invitation may be remote, it will always remain an option. Due to our relative positions, these letters have been rendered to a public forum, yet your visit would remain strictly off the record. I may not even be around, but arrangements could be made to suit your time window.

There are things that would be better shared with you in person. The letters are merely a first step, to create interest. There is no substitute for face to face contact. Are your decisions influenced more by logic or intuition? Some of our greatest accomplishments, we may never have attempted had we known any better. It would be of special intrigue to hear how you explain who you are and what you do to those in ignorance of your stature. You could be a nobody, just like me.
Whether or not you feel like a fish out of the water, it may still be a refreshing change, with the option of a quick getaway at any time. You showed me a part of your world once, so it's way past time that I returned the favor. Your visit would not really have much impact on my expectations, since they are already way off scale anyway. When I fall back down to earth, I'll land on my feet.

Looking forward to enlightened conversation,