26 November 2007

Dear Lorne,

A few years of bouncing around between France, Miami and Las Vegas after my appearance as the Anyone Can Host contest runner up, I returned to Seattle where if I'm from anywhere, it would be there, not Oregon, which is also a wonderful place, but I only happened to be there because that is where my parents were living at the time and being a starving student, where else was there to go?

Starting a week before Valentines' Day with a cupid costume I got my mother to sew together from an old sheet, driving around in a '72 fire orange Pinto, starting with $50 in the bank, the original plan was to do this for a few months then return to Europe. I wore a beeper and had an answering service, ready to come through for any last minute request. "We'll sing our hearts out" "They're still laughing" were some of our slogans. When I had first returned to Seattle, I would have been happy to work for the Eastern Onion franchise there, but for some unknown reason , they didn't want me. A few years later I had taken most of the market and they folded. In less than two years I bought a five bedroom house with a view in a neighborhood I couldn't touch today.

With an office at home, I had an external ringer extension so I could be out in my vegetable garden, run in to take an order with dirt on my hands, then return to whatever I was doing. One of my children, during potty training, was so proud of her accomplishment that she triumphantly placed it on my desk as I was on the phone. There was a database oriented system I put together myself to take orders and keep track of everything. One Valentines' Day I had a dozen people working with me and grossed over $4K in one day. Things were getting bigger, but not necessarily better.

Those who prefer not to expend the mental energy needed for rational discussion in order to resolve differences, instead raise their voice to get their point across to get the other to back down. Couples should be on the same team, not competing. We were both Leos who argued over things we later couldn't remember, then later patched things up in bed. Wonder how it lasted as long as it did, only three reasons come to mind. Dinnertime should be haven from the chaos of the outside world.
A time for healing, bonding, not yelling and screaming.

Wishing peace and happiness upon your house,